The Fellowship of the Least Coin Prayer

O loving Creator, we present ourselves in your divine presence to thank you for all the bountiful gifts of life. We are especially grateful for the Fellowship of the Least Coin which binds us together in love and forgiveness around the globe. Free us from all doubts and prejudices, we pray. Inspire us to live in solidarity with humankind that we may know the joy of giving and receiving.

Dear God, accept the least coin “token of love.” Make us mindful of the miracles of these coins. Let us honor your creation with love, as shown through the life and resurrection of your son, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

FLC Prayer Concerns (WICC 2018)

FLC Ingathering Service 2017 - Liturgical Materials
         - Introduction to the Theme
         - Liturgy
         - To the Work
         - Magpuri sa Dios

FLC Prayer Concerns (WICC 2017)

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