Invitation to Contribute to FLC Fund in Geneva

You are invited to participate with Christian Women of every continent in the FELLOWSHIP OF THE LEAST COIN. The basis of belonging is concern for justice, peace, and reconciliation in intercession for those in special need of God’s grace.

THE TOKEN OF PARTICIPATION IS A “Least Coin” set aside whenever Prayer is offered and contributed annually to a common Fund which is given in the name of Christian women without identification of its original source.

This fund is used as “gifts of love” for ministries of mercy in every continent and for experience which creates Christian Community among those of different national, racial, cultural, economic and denominational backgrounds.The least coins are tangible token of our prayers
offered individually and collectively.

For sending your FLC contributions to FLC Fund c/o WCC

Swiss francs account:
Account name: World Council of Churches
Bank name: UBS SA, P.O. Box 2600, 1211 Genève 2
Account number: 240-695149.00A
Iban: CH37 0024 0240 6951 4900 A

US dollars account:
Account number: 240-695149.60X
Iban : CH85 0024 0240 6951 4960 X

NOTE: - Reference text with the transfer should include the words “Fellowship of the Least Coin” or “FLC”: incoming funds may then be easily identified. Contacts at WCC finance department: Elaine Dykes, finance director; Yasmina Visinand, treasurer